The Artist


Gretchen Howard's art is featured as the inside liner pattern for each handbag and original artwork for BENE's silk scarf collection.Gretchen Howard was born and raised in the heart and soul of New Orleans. As an artist, she describes herself foremost as a colorist. Her work employs a rich array of symbols and  color which quietly communicate a deeply personal meaning of each work. Her early focus included graphic design and decorative painting, but in the last 15 years her career has shifted to creating mixed media abstracts and commissioned designs. Her work has appeared in eight solo showings through Soren Christensen Gallery and she appears throughout the country in private collections. 

A native New Orleanian, figurative work has been my primary focus; themes vary between environmental, political, and personal issues. I’ve always considered myself a painter, however, recent work includes digital photography, word art, collage, and drawing. I best describe my latest body of work as “instantaneous accidental representation”. I am thrilled to be a part of this year's interior guest artist of the BENE collection!