The Process

The premier collection was created to provide owners with lifelong wardrobe classic. We made use of the finest quality Italian hides, Italian silk and trusted production teams supplying luxury Italian brands. All leathers, hardware and production have been chosen in a prestigious manner to result in a product that will last a lifetime. We work with a variety of makers along every step of the way, from New Orleans to Italy.

Leather Tanning and Sustainability

We are proud to use Tuscan tanneries that produce the highest quality vegetable-tanned leathers. Leather tanning is one of the oldest human professions and the Tuscan community is known for its rich heritage in leather production. Most tanneries now are cutting costs by using chrome tanning which is less eco-friendly than the vegetable tanning process but the Tuscan artisans are dedicated to the tradition of vegetable tanned leather. Hides coming from meat factories are prepped and salted then naturally tanned using dye agents extracted from wood, bark, leaves and fruit which transform the hides into leather. Each tannery’s process has been passed down from generation to generation making each mixture of ingredients unique. BENE leathers are thicker and more durable than chrome tanned hides and the process is notably more environmentally friendly.